Alchemize Your Voice, Visibility & Influence

A FREE Online Thought-Leader Camp for Black Women Leaders

July 5-9, 2022 1pm Eastern

What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt

what your TRUE message is and the HEART of the work you’re here to do?

What if you felt bold enough to share your true opinions no matter what

even if you know there might be backlash as a result (this is the sign of a true leader!)?

What if you felt confident to stand up and speak out

during periods of social upheaval or don’t go radio silent (and people love you even more for it -although what you say isn’t “perfectly crafted.”)?

My Invitation to You--> Let's Take Our Focus Off the Circumstance

(& instead focus on the Vision and just how damn good it's going to feel when you become a World Class Black Woman Leader who uses her voice to boldly speak up about the ideas and issues that hold weight in your heart.)

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you a Black woman leader who secretly hates always having to figure out how to talk about issues that matter as well as properly position what you do? You’re not alone.

If you sometimes feel that as leaders, if we are REALLY good at what we do, that should carry a good portion of our positioning…I want you to know that this is very possible.

(You can’t stop positioning all together, but you can do it significantly less when you are really good at what you do!).

 – You share and talk about what it takes to be successful, but there’s so much more you secretly want to say (but just cant”)

– You feel like you have a strong point of view, but you also know youre watering it down a little out of fear

– You’ve never actually put your vocal stake in the ground because you didn’t feel like you needed to…until you realized not doing it is costing you

– You recognize that the leaders you’re drawn to have a certain je nai sais quois (and you want some of that!)

– You often find yourself stopping yourself from saying what you truly want to say (read: writing provocative, inspired messages that stay in Draft” mode forever)

You really want to dial in your voice to connect with others in a deeper way, while also inspiring them to take action

You notice yourself regurgitating information you learned from someone else–and leaving out your own unique spin or ideas–due to fear of being called out as “wrong” or “out of line”

If youre nodding along in agreement, know this:

No matter where you’re at right now, it’s possible to cultivate unshakeable confidence in
using your voice so you not only feel good about how you’re showing up for what you believe in but also garnering the respect, recognition, and pay you deserve.

When you enroll in this one-of-a-kind brand building experience...

100% Virtual, Attend from Anywhere

…you’ll receive daily micro training that walks you step-by-step through how to feel confident expressing your own unique voice and point of view, more easily.

By the end of Uncensor Yourself, youll be equipped with a newfound level of confidence including…

✓     Knowing without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt what your TRUE message is and the HEART of the work you’re here to do.

✓     Knowing what YOU are uniquely all about and how YOU truly want to use your voice (and no longer feel the need–or desire–to mimic your mentor or blindly agree with every popular person in your industry)

✓     Being bold enough to share your true opinions no matter what–even if you know there might be a backlash as result (read; this is THE sign of a true leader!)

✓     Be seen, known and respected for your one-of-a-kind essence, expertise, and leadership style

✓     You can stand up and speak out during periods of social upheaval or unrest–you don’t go radio silent (and people love you more for it–even if what you say isnt perfect)

And just in case you’re wondering…


It’s FREE, because:

  • Im beyond passionate about holding this industry that I love to the highest standard possible, to helping Black women leaders make a MUCH BIGGER IMPACT by becoming EVEN BETTER at using their voice to fiercely champion their own ideas in a way that moves people to action.
  • Because I also hope that after experiencing the magic we share, youll choose to stay and take this work with me to another level- at the 4th Annual Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Experience & beyond!

Regardless, with the Uncensor Yourself Framework that I’ll teach you, you’ll be in a much better position to alchemize your voice, visibility and influence as a Black female leader!

I am so excited for you to deepen and expand yourself as a leader who confidently uses your voice as a beacon of change.

Here’s how each day unfolds:

Uncensored Yourself runs from July 5th - 9th - we’ll be meeting via Zoom.

Each day, you’ll receive a key lesson around cultivating your unique brand voice, an Activation Playsheet, and a live virtual huddle inside of a Zoom Room where I unpack the lesson and you get to practice in breakout groups. We’ll round out each day with you receiving access to a 20-minute conversation with a thought leader that you’ll listen to before we meet the following day. 

This is all carefully-curated and designed to help you:

• Solidify the foundation of your brand voice
• Get unhooked from the Imposter Syndrome
• Strengthen your communication skills
• Position your brand to win


–>Status-quo kicking exercises to help you lead from your edge
–>A private community that will support you in expressing your brand voice
–>The courage, confidence, and clarity to lead and use your voice more powerfully

Uncensor Yourself…
Alchemize Your Voice, Visibility & Influence



Felicia is truly like a stroke of genius! She has been given the responsibility to pull women together and wake us up into being who we’re supposed to be as leaders. I’m grateful for her gift.

Artist, Author & Founder
Blueprint for Womanhood

You are a great coach and facilitator. This experience was accelerated, but it had a lot of depth and you made it enjoyable with your words of encouragement and support.

Professor, Career Strategist & Founder RL Sanders & Associates

The value I received from the deep, thought-provoking worksheets helped to maneuver me from uncertainty to clarity. Joy, relief, clarity and renewed confidence are the rewards of this work and life-changing experience!

Corporate Executive & Founder
Living Emerald Jayne

About Your Mentor

My name is Felicia Davis and I’m a former HR Executive turned Author, Speaker and Brand Strategist. Leaders engage me when they’ve reached a career plateau and they’re ready to elevate their vision, amplify their voice and scale their visibility.

My years of in-the-trenches corporate experience has shown me that the best leaders are incurable learners with an insatiable appetite for ongoing development. They relentlessly pursue ways to stretch their mind, broaden their experience and improve their results.


Because they want to free themselves from feeling overwhelmed, overworked and under-appreciated and they’re ready to develop a more effective leadership brand, more compelling communication skills and the confidence to show up and lead with radical integrity.

All leaders have a Superpower and mine is helping you lead beyond your comfort zone and brand your brilliance in a way that rewards you with the recognition, respect and pay you deserve.

Additionally, consultants, experts and companies commission me for my:

-Strong ability to see blind spot behavior that compromises progress, positioning and power

-Capability to help you shift into expansive thinking

-Communication skills; particularly with words that influence

-One-of-a-kind, no-nonsense approach to leadership development

-The full-spectrum of hands-on services I offer, specifically designed for high-achieving leaders.

After spending more than two decades as a Human Resources Executive, it’s quite possible that I have personally experienced and worked with leaders with similar challenges as you. This experience, not theory, allows me to know intimately what you need to succeed at navigating the leadership landscape. My commitment is a partnership that shields you from being the bottleneck to your success so that you can take your brand and your impact to the next level.

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